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Hair detangling and Trims


How would you like your hair detangled?


Our hair detangling prices are categorised the state of your hair and the severity of the tangles and knots in your hair. This allows us to accurately track how much products and time your hair will need in order to be thoroughly detangled. This will ensure your hair is smooth and free from knots and ready for styling. 

Why Detangle your hair


Detangling your hair helps to ensure your hair’s growth is not lost when styling or combing through your hair. If your hair isn’t detangled it would be hard to style it and this will lead to pulling of knots and tangles causing pain and discomfort and sometimes hair loss. 

Your hair density and length will decide how long it will take for us to de-tangle and style your hair. We take time to give your curls and coils love and care this can take time and be a very difficult and technical process to ensure you do not lose hair and experience any form of breakage. To ensure this we gentle treat your hair.


How long does it take


Depending on your hair size and length, detangling can take anything between 30 minutes and 7 hours. Hence the state of your hair and your personal hair care practices matters. 

Hair Detangling PRICES

Detangle Hair Level 1 – TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) R200

Detangle Hair Level 2 – Slightly Tangled R350

Detangle Hair Level 3 – Very Tangled R550

Detangle Hair Level 4 – QUITE Tangled R750

Special Care Detangling PRICES

Detangle Hair Level 5 (4-5 hours) – R3000

Detangle Hair Level 6 (6-11 hours) – R4000

Detangle Hair Level 3 (11- 15 hours) – R5000


How would you like your hair trimmed?


Your hair trim is a vital step in a healthy hair journey. It is important to get rid of split ends and any dead hair that will hinder or limit your growth. 


Dry trim – R200

Wet trim – R170

Dust trim – R120


Transitionary chop – R170

Curly Cuts and shape

Curly cuts and shape is a style that consists of a shaping of your hair to the shape you would like. It helps to add character and volume to your overall natural hair look and it is an excellent way to emphasise your hair’s health and curl pattern. 

Curly Cuts and shape Pricing

Curly Cuts and Shape – R650


  • Add styling (finger coils) R550
  • Add Treatment and Finger coils combo R749

Curly Cuts and shape Combo Pricing

Curly cuts and shape combo Teeny Weeny Afro length – R1200

Curly cuts and shape combo neck area length – R1500

Curly cuts and shape combo shoulder length – R1700

Curly cuts and shape combo bra-strap length – R2000

Curly cuts and shape combo lower back length – R2500

Curly cuts and shape combo longer length+ – R3000